So let me just that that "God has a plan." LOL! He totally has a sense of humor.
I had a second interview at Bodlt Construction. My first interview with them was a phone interview and this second one was in person with a cast of the HR guy 'Jamie' and 3 other team members, my potential co-workers.

I felt the interview went extremely well. There was a synergy in the room where all 3 team members flowed in and out seemlessly. The interview was much more like a normal conversation with friends and colleagues of like minds. They informed me that they received 30 resume's and narrowed it down to 6 individuals to bring for interviews, so I was pretty blessed to have been short listed. I even wove the phrase "Feel blessed" in to one of the responses to one of the questions to the Sr VP. I wanted to test the waters with faith in the work place. And actually when the VP and I were talking one-on-one, he also mentioned about being "blessed"...that was really nice.

They told me that they would be narrowing the 6 down and having second interviews next week. So I should hear from them if I would be coming back in next week.

As I left their building and drove down their street, I got ready to turn on to the cross street to leave and the street that I was supposed to turn on was actually called 'GLENDALE AVE'. How freaky weird is that? Especially since we just left our home located in Glendale. Pretty cool God. Pretty cool.
Feels like home...funny one God.

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