When Gina was interviewing with her now current company, there was the understanding that a qualification of getting this job was that we would probably have to move to Wisconsin in 6 to 9 months. Wow, that took a lot of prayers to ask for direction and clarity.

Oddly enough God was crystal clear with His message. He made sure that for those next 4 weekend services, that a specific song by Chris Tomlin was played at church and that I would hear it, "I will follow you" Here is the the spine tingling refrain that litterally shouted out to me, brought me to tears and provided me the clarity that I was praying for:
Where you go, I'll go
Where you stay, I'll stay
When you move, I'll move
I will follow you
Who you love, I'll love
How you serve I'll serve
If this life I lose, I will follow you
I will follow you...

So that is one of the basis for my part of our decision to move to WisCAHNsin. God's plan and Divine direction for us.

...on my very last Sunday service while I was living in Cincinnati, they played this song and sealed for me that we were moving to wisCAHNsin for His plan as His faithful (and open) servants.

Thank you and God Bless all of you for following along on my Divine Journey.
So today is Sunday and Emery and I checked out a stellar church called 'Pathway's that Gina had heard about and recommended we check out. I also had heard about Pathways on one of the local Christian radio stations 90.1.  Wow, what a really welcoming and authentic group of people in our first visit. So many trippy things aligned today at Pathways that I knew I was in the right place at THAT moment. Check them out:  http://www.pathwayschurch.us/

If you all don't know, since I have made myself available to Our Father God by listening to what He tells me, I hear from God. 
Sometimes He talks to me at random times. Today He didn't let me down...while I was listening to the message I clearly heard "This is where you are supposed to be".  Okay God, I hear you. His words brought tears to my eyes and a reassuring sigh to my soul. So many things clicked today from Pastor Brandon. Brandon showed me and Emery around the church. And the founding pastor's story of how he himself heard while he was living in Colorado (are you reading this RobO? Do you get this weird connection? Well just wait, it get's a little more weird for you bro) he heard from God, "Move to Appleton and start a church". Wow that's freaky and specific right...room for doubting hmmm. Well a little younger colleague in charge of the youth ministry was out eating lunch with him and the Youth Minister said that he had heard that he heard that God wanted him to go to Wisconsin to start a church also. DOH!!!  DIVINE INTERVENTION! Are you reading this! GOD IS AMAZING!  So this founding Pastor was sharing how he and this other Pastor both moved FROM COLORADO to start this church which evolved in to Pathways. Their first doors open service was with 125 people and now they are at about 1,500 members. While I was listening to the founding pastor talk about living in Boulder, Colorado, I thought of my brother RobO and that's when I also heard "You are supposed to be here" meaning RobO supposed to be here also...I am only a conduit for God.

The worship, feel, even their BIG Outreach of drilling water wells is all very similar to Cincinnati Vineyard only smaller. I felt really at peace today at church. Even the Divine thing of hearing "This is where you are supposed to be" was REALLY Divinely weird in a spectacular way. Emery said that she liked it too. After service was over, I approached Brandon again and told him that we had to do coffee because I was getting a lot of stuff from God and I needed to talk. He was excited to reconnect and said we would set something up.

I am looking forward to next Sunday's service already!
When Emery and I finally left Pathways church, we drove toward Monica's house and the route took us down College Ave which I remembered there was a Starbucks Coffee where we could stop and share a drink and snack. After we enjoyed our quick muffins we strolled down the nearly vacant College Ave to look in the darkened storefront windows that did not open until around 12:00, for another 30 minutes. As Emery and I approached a do not cross sign at the corner, I looked at the buildings and objects around me and I was struck by the ironic symbolism of a bunch of 'forgotten' wound up rusted spiked barbed wire that resembeled the crown of thorns on top of Jesus' head perched on top of a metal pole with tiebacks, like a cross (t). The placement of the white, airy and light clouds balanced the black opaque thorns and cross.

How many people walk by this amazing sight every day and do not even notice it or realize the resemblence?

Thank you Father God for helping me to share today's experience with Emery and for allowing me to post it for everyone to share.
God Bless,

So let me just that that "God has a plan." LOL! He totally has a sense of humor.
I had a second interview at Bodlt Construction. My first interview with them was a phone interview and this second one was in person with a cast of the HR guy 'Jamie' and 3 other team members, my potential co-workers.

I felt the interview went extremely well. There was a synergy in the room where all 3 team members flowed in and out seemlessly. The interview was much more like a normal conversation with friends and colleagues of like minds. They informed me that they received 30 resume's and narrowed it down to 6 individuals to bring for interviews, so I was pretty blessed to have been short listed. I even wove the phrase "Feel blessed" in to one of the responses to one of the questions to the Sr VP. I wanted to test the waters with faith in the work place. And actually when the VP and I were talking one-on-one, he also mentioned about being "blessed"...that was really nice.

They told me that they would be narrowing the 6 down and having second interviews next week. So I should hear from them if I would be coming back in next week.

As I left their building and drove down their street, I got ready to turn on to the cross street to leave and the street that I was supposed to turn on was actually called 'GLENDALE AVE'. How freaky weird is that? Especially since we just left our home located in Glendale. Pretty cool God. Pretty cool.
Feels like home...funny one God.

As we came to resting point in at Northwestern University in Chicago, we found a striking and uncanny resting spot for wise old trees. They had been removed, trunkated to 6 feet lengths and staked in a wall formation creating an earthy barrier sometimes 9 feet tall defining the perimeter a surface blacktop parking lot.

The growth rings on these once ancient giants reinforce the simplicity of community radiating out from an inner circle of life. This is quite successful for trees that have a guardian to help protect them from predators and a great example for the design of some communities where the landscape allows.

The jagged adges of the protective bark symbolizes for me the walls we build to protect us from the things on the outside of our comfortable surroundings. They also resemble the outline and coldness of a sharp stainless steel knife or weapon that seem to provide the visual and practicle protection for the things below the surface. Kind of how we as followers of Christ stand together around a unified purpose in order to help and protect the concentric communities all around us. 
Hopefully this seasoned giant will be transformed in to another grand purpose as its legacy. To provide shelter and shade for so many over the past decades, it seems a wonderful opportunity to be transformed and re-purposed for many more decades.

Approaching CHI-CHI Town (Chicago) I saw the towering skyscrapers, technically classified by any building over 75' tall, framing and defining the skyline in all of their glory and grandeur.

A verse came to mind as I was driving:
Genesis 11:4 New International Version (NIV)
4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”
NOTE: The bible verse is a reference and NOT a direct opinion of mine toward towers, skyscrapers or high rises. I believe tall buildings can be a thing of beauty and prominence when created to work within the surrounding architectural fabric and meets the programmatic needs of the people.

As we continued on our families Divine Journey from our comfortable and cozy lives in Cincinnati, Ohio to our newest adventure to Wisconsin (wis-CAHN-sin as I am still audibly sensitive to the accents on the middle part of the pronunciation of the state name) we passed through this wonderful and opportunitistic Wind Farm just outside Chicago. These five turbine engines are merely a fraction of the hundreds of grand and powerful machines that towered over our heads and seemed to dwarf us as we graced by their stature.

I was not aware that this wind farm existed out here in the cornfields of the Midwest with 222 wind turbines.  http://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?id=35066
 I am very excited to see the amazing way that men/women are working to utilize the incredible natural resouces that our Father God has lent us. It reminds me of our ancestors that survived off God's natural resources: sun, moon, wind, water current, fire, snow, etc... He is so incredible and I am blessed to have driven through such a wonderful and inspiring site on my way deep into my Divine Journey.

With a little of our arch4t ingenuity and talent, we could enhance this Wind Farm with a Visitor's and User's Educational Event Center...they should definitely contact us for our forward thinking ideas and concepts.
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Benton County 
The first 400 megawatts of the project will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power approximately 120,000 average homes.

Well, here we go. We are following our next Chapter of our families lives, a Divine direction..."Where You go I'll go, Where You stay I'll stay, Where You move I'll move. I will follow You. I will follow You."  We have been hearing from God since March that we need to move our family on His mission, and that mission is taking us to Neenah, WI. We are leaving our amazing and environmentally conscWe will travel to stay with Gina's brother Doug, his wife Sarah and their son Drew tonight and wake up and head out to Neenah tomorrow.

We will stay with Gina's cousin Monica and her husband Todd for a few days. We will sign the paperwork and move in to on our new home on Wednesday. Emery starts school on Thursday, Sept 1st and I have my first in person interview also on Thursday, 1st.

Please pray for us on our Divine journey and the incredibly exciting opportunities that God is creating for us! Here we come Father God. Our entire family is ready and open for our next step.

God Bless,
Your humble servant, DanO
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