As we continued on our families Divine Journey from our comfortable and cozy lives in Cincinnati, Ohio to our newest adventure to Wisconsin (wis-CAHN-sin as I am still audibly sensitive to the accents on the middle part of the pronunciation of the state name) we passed through this wonderful and opportunitistic Wind Farm just outside Chicago. These five turbine engines are merely a fraction of the hundreds of grand and powerful machines that towered over our heads and seemed to dwarf us as we graced by their stature.

I was not aware that this wind farm existed out here in the cornfields of the Midwest with 222 wind turbines.
 I am very excited to see the amazing way that men/women are working to utilize the incredible natural resouces that our Father God has lent us. It reminds me of our ancestors that survived off God's natural resources: sun, moon, wind, water current, fire, snow, etc... He is so incredible and I am blessed to have driven through such a wonderful and inspiring site on my way deep into my Divine Journey.

With a little of our arch4t ingenuity and talent, we could enhance this Wind Farm with a Visitor's and User's Educational Event Center...they should definitely contact us for our forward thinking ideas and concepts.
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm in Benton County 
The first 400 megawatts of the project will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power approximately 120,000 average homes.



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