Well, here we go. We are following our next Chapter of our families lives, a Divine direction..."Where You go I'll go, Where You stay I'll stay, Where You move I'll move. I will follow You. I will follow You."  We have been hearing from God since March that we need to move our family on His mission, and that mission is taking us to Neenah, WI. We are leaving our amazing and environmentally conscWe will travel to stay with Gina's brother Doug, his wife Sarah and their son Drew tonight and wake up and head out to Neenah tomorrow.

We will stay with Gina's cousin Monica and her husband Todd for a few days. We will sign the paperwork and move in to on our new home on Wednesday. Emery starts school on Thursday, Sept 1st and I have my first in person interview also on Thursday, 1st.

Please pray for us on our Divine journey and the incredibly exciting opportunities that God is creating for us! Here we come Father God. Our entire family is ready and open for our next step.

God Bless,
Your humble servant, DanO

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