(To the tunes of Transformers 3: Dark of The Moon OST, Steve Jablonsky)
     Greetings all! With DanO departing to WisCAHNsin (apparently Ohioans have accents to Wisconsinites...) I am starting my final year in my graduate studies in Architecture at Miami University. This whole year I will be working on my architectural thesis titled Beyond the Landscape of Extraction: Place- Making in Colorado's Post Extraction Landscape. As DanO knows, my passions are Our Lord, His manifestation on Earth, and Skiing. During the thesis paper process, I wrote a sentence that speaks volumes to me. In an academic setting, I had to put emphasis on the term 'nature' however, I truly mean The Lord. 

The sentence is:
     “Nature is the conductor and I, the orchestra. It will lead me to where I need to be, see me through crescendos and decrescendos of everyday life, to which I am indebted to it.”

Looks at the colors around you next time you're walking through a park. Look at the millions of species of plants and animals across the globe. How many coincidences happen to you on a daily basis that make you say, "Wow, that was weird?" How can you deny His existence when you are surrounded by His manifestation everyday? That right there inspires me to write my thesis on how we preserve His work, His gift to us.

I hope to be using this blog as a way to display the work I am creating during my final year of Grad School. Who knows where my wife, Megan, and I will end up when I'm done here at Miami. I guess the Lord will reveal it when He is ready!

As a final note, DanO the ManO, GOD BLESS YOU on your God driven journey out to Wisconsin. You will do incredible things up there and meet GREAT people. Keep an open mind on all things and LET HIM FLOW.




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