(To Deadmau5's Intelstat)

I've been editing my thesis (titled above) and I need a break - just a short one. I love Colorado and nearly everything about it.The food is amazing, the people are friendly, and the activities are endless. God is present with me wherever I am, but I presence hits me like a freight train when I am in Colorado. Last night, during a Professional Practice course (I hope my prof doesn't read this...) I created a little ditty for my desktop background as well as my phone background. Oh, I need to mention - I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS. On top of their sleekness, they just always work!

So, here's my combination of Apple and Colorado:

Pretty cool, right? Oh, and major props to my buddy Craig who noticed that I had centered the apple rather than offset it like on the flag. I guess I should state that I also enjoy graphic design, and hopefully will be able to bring that into so branding for Arch4t. Who knows. We'll see what God wants me to do with that talent he gave me. 

Well, back to thesis. This little blog post was enough to reenergize me to tackle the scarred landscape of Colorado!




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